Another Valued Vendor!

American Highway Carriers Association is happy to announce the addition of YET ANOTHER quality vendor to its members!

Summitec LLC

SUMMITEC LLC is a provider of an innovative electronic logging device application, numerous GPS tracking devices and complete fleet management solutions. AHCA members receive special pricing through the company on these products. Contact AHCA or SUMMITEC for pricing details.
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Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

SUMMITEC LLC provides an easy-to-use, 3-in-1 ELD application which is compliant with the FMCSA Regulation. The application includes the ELD HOS requirements, a Driver Vehicle Inspection report, and an IFTA report. And don’t forget Special Pricing for American Highway Carriers Association members.

Fleet Management and GPS Tracking

SUMMITEC LLC manufactures their own GPS devices for an integrated GPS tracking solution. However, their platform has 1,000 GPS devices from different vendors, providing total flexibility to their customers. Their innovative web-based platform is brought to their customers by professionals, offering a powerful set of technologies, making the product stand out as the 5th platform in the World, as per Capterra Survey.

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