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Over the past decade, litigation targeting the trucking industry has skyrocketed. Motorists involved in crashes with big rig trucks are being conditioned by law firms through continuous advertising to sue those carriers for big payouts. Sadly, this is happening regardless of fault, damages or injury.
When involved in a crash one of the ways trucking operations are helping to shield themselves from unwarranted liability is by installing dash cameras in their vehicles. This is a trend that is gaining a lot of popularity as litigation becomes a more routine part of the claims handling process. Some insurance companies are even surveying their insureds for a partnership to

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Trend in Claims Detected

It is our intent to regularly inform you of trending claims affecting our insureds. Having examined our most recent claims data, our analysts have detected two trends that need attention.
First, our claims handlers have been receiving claims where other vehicles have been crashing into our insured’s vehicles. Secondly, rear-end crashes persist as a chronic claim.
In situations where another vehicle collides with yours, it is imperative that you document as much about the crash as possible. Due in large part to a trucker’s liability limits being significantly higher than 4-wheel motorists, the industry

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AHCA’s scholarship program is available to children and grandchildren of AHCA members.
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One $20,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy is automatically included with membership for each member company. To purchase additional policies for staff and/or contractors, call AHCA at (877) 855-8462

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Safetysurance is a website containing a searchable library of Risk Management resources, including safety bulletins, safety programs, live streaming safety videos, industry news, and links to various federal and state regulatory agencies.

The website is and is available to all AHCA members. There is an informational flyer about Safetysurance located on the main page of the website, along with instructions regarding the registration process. A copy of this flyer will also be included with member packets. Learn more...

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