American Highway
Carriers Association

American Highway Carriers Association (AHCA)

American Highway Carriers Association (AHCA) was formed in 1983 as a trade association for transportation professionals. AHCA was introduced as, and still remains to be, a group of safety-conscious professionals. These members are presented as a group to different businesses in an effort to gain preferred service and pricing beyond what is obtainable by the general public based on the group's unique demographics.

Here at AHCA, we are dedicated to raising the public image of the transportation industry through professionalism, safety and pride of ownership and recognize those individuals that set themselves apart in this manner. We go to great lengths to promote these values and primarily base entrance into the association on safety-related criteria.

AHCA provides personal and business discounts on over 50 different products and services ranging from commercial insurance to fuel purchases to amusement park tickets. AHCA seeks out those businesses that can provide meaningful benefits to its members. Once in agreement, AHCA actively advertises those products/services to its members through a variety of media.

AHCA presents itself as the voice of the professional trucker by representing members on local, state and federal issues. Although AHCA does not retain its own legal staff, the size of membership and our relationships with other industry groups makes for a powerful, persuasive punch. AHCA currently maintains a 5,000+ member group.

AHCA is an invaluable resource of driving professionals that have connected with the association on a high level of trust. We are confident in our ability to successfully deliver quality service and worthwhile benefits to our members.

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