Become An AHCA Vendor!

AHCA is constantly on the lookout for new vendors offering credible products/services which deliver a meaningful savings/benefit to our members.

To begin the process of becoming an AHCA vendor, simply fill out the short prospect form (right) or call Nathan Wallace, Managing Director at (877) 855-8462.

AHCA's vendor committee will review your company information and product/service offerings to determine whether or not it is a proper fit for the program. Following this, notification of the committee's decision will be sent to the company contact.

Our Members

AHCA members are a unique group of individuals. The majority of our members have long established relationships within the industry that keep their workload steady. These seasoned business owners know their industry and are constantly looking for ways to run more smoothly and profitably. They understand that every dollar shaved off expenses goes directly to profits. They are also professional truckmen that appreciate and prefer quality. Our members are an elite group of professional drivers, owners, trucking management and industry employees that represent the top 10% that the industry has to offer, the better-than-average loss ratios produced by this group are a testament to that fact.

The following are some basic statistics and demographics of this elite group:

Member Companies 2,000+
Members 10,000+
Average member age 37
Average years driving 11
Gender Breakdown 95% male / 5% female

The majority of our members (60%) reside in Southern and Central California, 30% are located in the San Francisco Bay area, and the remaining 10% are in the northernmost parts of the state.

Our trucking members are divided into two groups, Owner Operator and Fleet operations. Owner Operators represent 76% of our members and fleet operations represent 24%.

An owner operator is considered an operation from 1-4 trucks; a fleet is an operation of 5 or more trucks.

How AHCA Presents Its Vendors To Members

AHCA collects an annual membership from members and does not charge additional monies for any of the services offered. Any and all discounts/benefits associated with our vendors' products/services are passed directly to the member.

AHCA currently solicts its vendors to all members using the following media:

Member Information Guide Welcome Calls
Member Welcome Package Periodic Mailings
Association Newsletter AHCA Website
Trade Shows Driver Meetings
Register your company to become
an AHCA vendor
City, State
Years in business
Number of employees
Product or service offered
Savings/Benefit offered